Christoph Schepan

Investor & Founder

Competencies and Profession

„The key to being lucky is not hard work, it's taking risk.“

As a shareholder-managing director of the NCA, a second-generation investment fund based in Hamburg, Germany, I have been at the forefront of identifying and investing in promising startups from across Europe and the United States. To date, our portfolio comprises over 50 direct investments, allowing us to empower companies and institutions to take advantage of market opportunities through indirect investments.

At the NCA, we believe that success is a result of several key factors, including timely investment decisions, access to unique opportunities, and a rapid assessment and response time. We are committed to providing our clients with a high-standard of service, including market screening and assessment for direct investments, investment control, and expert examination and structuring.


„Zukunft ist die Zeit, die übrig bleibt.“ - Karl Lagerfeld

Over the course of my 18-year career, I have played a pivotal role in establishing and growing several companies, some of which I have partially sold. For the past five years, I have been providing mentorship and guidance to investors and startups in the venture capital space.

I take great pleasure in working with budding entrepreneurs and start-ups, helping them realize their full potential.


You can reach out to me on LinkedIn.